Facebook has been teasing the highly-requested dark mode in Messenger since last year's F8 conference, but so far it was only tested in a few countries. It looks like the feature is now available for all Android users — all you have to do is send someone a moon emoji!

Discovering the dark mode easter egg is as simple as sending the crescent moon emoji 🌙 in a chat and tapping through the ensuing popup menu. Some users had to double-tap the moon emoji, while others had to restart the Messenger app and enable the feature from settings. The app warns that darks mode is still a work in progress and isn't universal yet — though other than sub-sections of the settings menu, it seems to work everywhere else.

Facebook is determined to keep users in its ecosystem, and with a redesigned Messenger UI, the ability to un-send messages, and a possible infrastructure integration of Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram, the company seems to hope convenience and ease-of-use trump any privacy concerns users may have.

Facebook acknowledged dark mode for Messenger in a blog post, calling it "a hidden, limited-time only experience." It also revealed that the feature will roll out to all Messenger users via the settings menu in the coming weeks.

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