Wireless charging is back in style, as just about every recent flagship phone supports it — including the Galaxy S10, Pixel 3, iPhone XR/XS, Note9, and LG G8. If charging speed isn't a high priority, Newegg currently has a Choetech Qi charging pad for $6.99. That's half off the current Amazon price.

Given the extremely low price, it's probably not surprising that the pad is light on features. The pad only charges at 5W (it claims to support the iPhone's 7.5W fast charging, but I couldn't find any record of that working), so it's only ideal for overnight use. The charger has an LED light to display the current status, and it uses a microUSB cable for power. A USB wall adapter is not included.

You can buy the charging pad from the link below. The sale ends on March 7th, or whenever stock runs out.