There were a lot of individual phone announcements at MWC this year, but by far the most popular concept at the event was The Folding Phone. Almost every OEM has either revealed or is working on its own entry into the new form factor. All that's left for success is consumer interest, and hence this week's poll.

Samsung revealed the $2,000 Galaxy Fold at its unpacked event almost two weeks back, and Huawei fired back with the $2,600 Mate X just a few days later at MWC. TCL has its own plans to make much cheaper folding devices, Oppo and Xiaomi are working on their own, and Lenovo has been teasing its concepts since 2016 — most recently talking about reviving the folding RAZR.

Not every company seems to be all-in on the idea, though. For example, LG would rather sell you a second display. Mix in potential concerns when it comes to the longevity and durability of a flexible display — not to mention the added expense that comes with the form factor right now — and it wouldn't be surprising to see more OEMs elect to skip out on the idea, at least for a few generations.

I've got my own opinion on the subject, but I'd rather not color your thoughts. Besides, our own David already wrote a well-organized editorial on the subject that eclipses anything I could express here. But we're curious to know what you think about folding phones. Are you interested in the idea now, holding off for a few generations, or do you just think the concept's bunk?

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