You may not have heard of Visible, they're a new carrier to the scene here in the 'states, but they've hit the ground running. Much like banks that only exist online, Visible saves you cash by having no retail presence; everything is managed via the company's app. Just $40 a month gets you unlimited access to Verizon's all-encompassing network. And although you might think you're familiar with the concept, Visible is not an MVNO.

The company prefers to use the term "Digital Carrier" since it's effectively part of Verizon itself. So not only are you getting to use the US' most widespread network, the service isn't via some third-party you've never heard of that's just reselling access. Visible is as close as you can get to the source without paying more. Visible CEO Miguel Quiroga expressed the advantages of the company's service compared to existing prepaid models: "As a digital only brand, Visible is bringing the convenience and simplicity of direct to consumer models, to the wireless phone industry."

All this means you get the same dependable Verizon network, with the benefits of unlimited talk, text, and data (at up to 5Mbps), plus unlimited tethering, all for just $40 a month, all in. "Between our unlimited data offering, Verizon's 4G LTE network, and the seamless consumer journey, our members are getting the best possible offering," Quiroga said of his company's service.

You can bring your own device or pick one up from Visible's online store and enjoy unlimited access to Verizon's network without any contracts or hidden fees, it's all included in that easy-to-budget $40 price.

Visible may be new, but its CEO is proud of what the company has accomplished in such little time, as well as where it's headed. "We launched Visible less than a year ago. We are learning and growing everyday, and continue to be inspired and motivated by our members' support and enthusiasm for what we're doing. There's lots more to come!"

Just don't go looking for a Visible store at the local strip mall, these savings are online only. Welcome to the future of phone service.

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