Samsung promised it would start rolling out Pie updates in the US this month, and it's technically living up to that. However, only a few phones have gotten the new version so far, including Verizon and Sprint's Galaxy S9s. Today, AT&T becomes the first carrier to deploy a Note 9 Pie update. You'll have to find some WiFi to get started.

The update hitting phones clocks in at 1.8GB, and it sounds like AT&T's servers are getting hammered. It might take a while to download, but the reward at the end is the Android 9 Pie update with One UI. That's Samsung's revamped interface with a dark mode, buttons positioned for one-handed operation, and more.

If AT&T got the update out this early, the other carriers can't be far behind. It looks like this update cycle will again feature carrier phones getting updates before Samsung's unlocked phones. Unlike other OEMs, Samsung certifies unlocked updates on all four carriers, which leads to delays.

AT&T Galaxy S9 and S9+ now getting Pie

We're hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ on AT&T are now starting to get their Pie update as well.

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AT&T might have gotten the ball rolling on Note9 Pie updates for US carriers, but the rest are not far behind, and early this week we got some tips that Sprint users have been seeing the update land, as well.

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T-Mobile's support docs indicate that it's next to deploy the Android 9 Pie update to carrier-branded Note9s. According to T-Mobile Content Director Des, it should start rolling out sometime soon, though reports on Reddit and elsewhere seem to indicate it hasn't just yet.

The support docs also state that, when it does roll out, it won't be available to all customers right away. There could be a bit of a wait ahead as the update rolls out to progressively larger numbers of customers. This is a typical practice to ensure any major issues don't affect everyone before they're caught, but it can certainly test the impatience of early adopters.

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