Back in 2015, when the smart home market wasn't nearly as advanced as it is today, Amazon introduced these tiny little things that it called Dash Buttons. These buttons, which were effectively free to customers, allowed items to be reordered with one tap. The buttons are now being discontinued, though the ones already in people's houses will still work.

According to Amazon, Dash Buttons are being killed for a number of reasons. For one, the Amazon app and website already offer virtual Dash Buttons that don't cost the company anything. Additionally, Internet-connected appliances can automatically reorder items with the Dash Replenishment API. It also claims that customers are using Alexa to reorder things more and more frequently, and that its Subscribe & Save programs effectively do the same thing automatically.

Those of you out there who don't want to give up your Dash Buttons shouldn't worry; Amazon will continue to support them indefinitely. The rest of us mortals, however, will have to make do with Amazon's newer alternatives.