The JBL Link bar looked like an interesting Google-infused product when it popped up in May 2018, but it has been chronically delayed ever since. JBL started taking pre-orders in August of last year, but it missed the fall ship date, Now, the spring 2019 ship date is being pushed back to summer.

The Link Bar is a unique product: part sound bar, part Android TV box, and part Assistant speaker. That was enough to get some people to drop $400 on the device when pre-orders went live. The ship date on some of those orders was quietly updated recently to July 2019, much later than the vague promise of "spring."

We reached out to JBL for comment, and the company confirmed another delay.

The JBL LINK Bar’s in-market availability is now planned for mid-to-late summer. We look forward to bringing this dynamic, smart soundbar to consumers.

So, the July date some buyers have on their orders is still just a placeholder. That would be the best case scenario for mid-summer, but we could be looking at September before the Link bar finally comes out.