Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a new free-to-play team-based gacha RPG that was just launched on the Google Play Store, all thanks to a partnership between Activision and Com2uS. Much of the game's inspiration comes from Summoners War, another gacha RPG from Com2uS. Of course, Skylanders Ring of Heroes brings along its own set of heroes that stem from the Skylanders universe as well as an original story that fleshes out its hero-collection gameplay.

Just like the majority of free-to-play gacha RPGs, you can expect Skylanders Ring of Heroes to contain a wealth of collectible heroes (80 to be exact), a ten-step story, dungeons, and a globally ranked PvP mode. You can also expect to find an "awakened" form for all of your favorite Skylanders characters, which is a feature also found in Summoners War that allows you to form all sorts of strategies out of the differing movesets available for awakened characters.

It's also no surprise to see that Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a free-to-play release. Obviously Activision and Com2uS have a very good reason to include in-app purchases that range up to $99.99 per item in a game clearly designed around a popular children's toy line (ages 6+) and TV show (TV-Y7) that are both rated for ages well below Skylanders Ring of Heroes' wholly disconnected rating of T for teens.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a new and highly-polished gacha game, and if that's a genre you tend to enjoy, then you're probably going to find a lot about this release that you'll like. It plays very similarly to Summoners War, which is often regarded as one of the better hero collection games on the Play Store, so at least you won't have to jump in blind since Skylanders Ring of Heroes has clearly copied a successful gacha formula.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes
Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes
Developer: Com2uS
Price: Free+

Press Release

Spyro and his band invade the mobile world with Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes

- The highly anticipated mobile RPG Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes, is available on iOS and Android -

Berlin - February 28, 2019
The tidal wave Skylanders is launched! The latest mobile bomb from Com2uS , developed in collaboration with Activision, is indeed available in more than 120 countries! Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store .

In Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes, players embody powerful Masters of the Portal, guardians of the Skylands, in a thrilling adventure to recover the Dark Manuscript from the hands of the 'infamous Kaos.

All the iconic characters of the license are playable through a breathtaking ten-step story, from dungeons to the challenges raised, or in PvP modes (player against player) to reach the tops of global rankings online.

By unlocking the wide range of elements and powers available, players have access to a variety of combinations, and therefore a wide range of tactical possibilities. And for the first time in the series, Skylanders TM fans will be able to get their hands on the "waking" form of their favorite characters.

The Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes Early Access Period in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand has allowed the development team to consolidate a large number of player returns, thus improving the game accordingly upstream. of its global release

Pre-registered players will receive a Psychic Stone allowing them to summon one of the most popular Skylanders among fans: Spyro!

GAMEVIL COM2US USA Vice President Casey Lee commented, " We are excited to see what a successful Skylanders TM Ring of Heroes is going to see for its release in the West, when the license is already well established here. We will do our best to provide Skylanders and RPG mobile fans with the most fun experience possible, and allow them to bring together a team of their favorite Skylanders on mobile . "

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