It's already been four months since Google unveiled its own smart display, the Home Hub. When it was discovered that the Home Hub would still be capable of Duo video calls despite not having a camera, Google reached out to let us know that the Home Hub also supports audio calls over Duo. As we had speculated back then, it looks like Duo audio calls will also be coming to Home speakers.

A reader who had been setting up his Home Mini saw the screen above and sent it over. It's odd that this would show up in setup when it hasn't been announced or spotted anywhere else, but it's hard to dispute when the screenshot is right there. We're not sure when the functionality will actually be released, but we'll be sure to keep you posted when we hear more.

The original tipster and another reader were both able to get Duo audio calls working.

As David says in his replies, the voice command that should be used is "Duo audio call Speaker X." A tap will answer the call, and a hold will deny it. Pretty nifty.