Flash storage prices are usually on a downward trajectory, so if you don't need something immediately, it makes sense waiting for a better deal down the line. Sometimes though, we see prices that don't look like they'll come back soon, like in today's sale on SanDisk Ultra microSD cards — with 400GB available for $62 and 200GB for $29.

These are SanDisk Ultra microSDXC cards of the UHS-1 spec, with an A1 rating (not that it matters much, app performance will still suck). In the past six months, the 400GB card has dropped from $140 to $100, later to $80, and now to $62. The 200GB card is on sale for $29, down from $35 in a previous sale. At 16¢ and 15¢ a GB respectively, I don't see how these prices can drop lower, but what do I know.

SanDisk Ultra cards guarantee a read speed of 100MB/s (with no guaranteed write speed) — this is sufficient for use in a dash cam, Switch, or for media storage on your smartphone. If you'll be recording high framerate 4K footage on a drone or action camera, the SanDisk Extreme line will be a better fit, with read and write speeds of 160 and 90MB/s, and a V30/A2 rating. The 128GB is on sale for $29, a dollar below the $30 we last mentioned it dropping to, and the 400GB sells for $110, which is $12 below the $122 we last saw it drop to.

That's a lot of options to mull over, so I compared the different prices and cost-per-GB values below:

These cards are available on Amazon in a one-day sale, though the 400GB SanDisk Ultra is also selling on B&H for the same price. Don't wait too long, as these sales don't always last till the stroke of midnight.

The 400 GB card is temporarily out of stock on Amazon, though you can still order it for deferred delivery. We also found it on Newegg for the same price.

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