Smartphones can often be a source of stress or anxiety. They're buzzing all the time, with social media feeds and emails to constantly check. With Breeze, a free app for both Android and iOS, your phone can actually help relax you.

Breeze, previously known as Relax Music, is a mindfulness and meditation app that offers a wide range of content to help relax you. First, there are professionally-guided meditations to help you sleep better and lower anxiety, with customized options for both beginners and advanced users. All the meditation courses are designed for specific situations, like family and happiness, travel, nap, focus, and more.

Beyond that, Breeze offers a variety of soothing sounds, for when you just want to disconnect from the world for a few minutes. Some of the options include light music, flowing water, raindrops, white noise, and more. Finally, the app includes several bedtime stories to guide you into a deep sleep.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, CooTek (the developer of Breeze) set up a showcase to let participants try out Breeze's 10-minute guided meditations — complete with a soft sofa, eye mask, and noise-cancelling headphones. Look at how relaxed they look! That could be you.

You can download Breeze from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free.

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