The workweek is half over, so why not treat yourself with some discounted gadgets? We've got good deals on a nice, big Chromebook, a high-quality budget Nokia phone, and a whole bunch of charging accessories you can use to keep 'em topped up.

Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14: $150 off

  • Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 14" Chromebook — $449, $150 off (Best Buy)

Corbin praised the Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14 as being a rare Chromebook melding of a large display with good hardware. It's got solid construction, decent specs and performance, and an ample amount of storage. It's a pretty good buy at its normal price of $599, but at $449, it's a very good buy. We saw this price in December, but it's been back up at full price ever since.

Nokia 6.1: $40 off

The Nokia 6.1 was awarded our Most Wanted award last year, with Jordan calling it the best budget phone of the year — and at $40 off, it's even better. It's been flirting with a consistent $180 price for a while now, but it's up around $220 more often than not. Not today, though! For less than $200, you're getting Android One, a Snapdragon 630, three gigs of RAM, USB-C charging, and then some. The camera is kind of bad, but for $180, isn't it kind of impressive it takes photos at all?

Anker Soundcore Space noise canceling headphones: $20 off

  • Anker Soundcore Space over-ear noise canceling headphones – $79 with coupon, $20 off (Amazon)

The best noise-canceling headphones you can buy can easily get up over $300, but you don't necessarily need to spend that much to get a decent pair of ANC cans. Anker's Soundcore Space headphones are usually $100, but coupon code TOMSA3021 will knock off an additional 20 bucks. More than half of customer reviews on Amazon award them five stars, so they come recommended. The biggest downside is probably microUSB charging, but that's hard to avoid at this price point.

TP-Link Wi-Fi smart plug 3-pack: $15.50 off

  • TP-Link Kasa HS105 Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug 3-pack – $49.49, $15.50 off (Amazon)

TP-Link has great deals on smart home tech all the time, and here's another one! You can snap up three Kasa Wi-Fi smart plugs on Amazon for $49.49 — one for your lamp, one for your space heater, and one for your coffee percolator. The bundle was a little cheaper over the holidays, but it's been about $65 since then. Get 'em while you can and smart your place up on the cheap.

Aukey 60W 3-port charger: $14 off

  • Aukey USB-C charger with 60-watt power delivery and dual-port USB charger – $35.99 with coupon, $14 off (Amazon)

You probably have all kinds of junk you need to keep charged. Look around your desk. Got three rechargeable gadgets? This one's for you! Aukey's three-port charger has one 60-watt USB-C port, along with two weaker full-size USB ports. You could juice up your laptop, your phone, and your smartwatch while only taking up one wall receptacle. It's usually 50 bucks, but coupon code AUKPD070 will bring the price down to $35.99.

Teckin smart power strip: $5.04 off

  • Teckin Wi-Fi-connected smart power strip – $22.95 with coupon, $5.04 off (Amazon)

This is a neat one. Teckin's smart power strip has four electrical outlets and four USB ports — and you can name each one individually and control it either with Teckin's app or your voice assistant of choice. It's usually $28, which isn't too much to begin with, but coupon code 18TECKIN will cut it down to $22.95.