Google Assistant already works with a wide variety of smart home devices, but every once in a while, new product categories are added. Around a year ago, Google added support for A/C units, kettles, ovens, and more. According to to new developer documentation, Assistant will soon work with smart air fresheners and... fireplaces.

Two new device types were recently added to Assistant. The first, 'Air Freshener,' is exactly what it sounds like — Assistant will be able to turn fresheners on and off, and "adjust various modes and toggles." The second type is 'Fireplace,' because smart fireplaces are apparently a thing.

Heaters were just added to the list of supported device types as well. The documentation reads, "Heaters are similar to thermostats but do not support cooling and may not support setting temperature targets. Heaters may rely on modes, toggles, and fan speed settings."