Telegram received a new update today that bumps the app to v5.4. This brings some new quality-of-life features, including autoplay for videos, control over automatic downloads, and alternative logout options. As always, you'll find the official changelog below.

  • Autoplaying videos. Videos in chats start playing automatically, press the volume buttons on your device to turn sound on.
  • New settings for automatic media download. Control data consumption with granular precision or quickly switch between presets (Low/Medium/High).
  • Logout alternatives. The logout menu now shows alternative options to logging out.

Much like Facebook, Instagram, and so on, Telegram 5.4 adds autoplaying videos to your chats. They will start without sound, giving you the option to unmute them at your leisure by either pressing the icon on the video or by hitting your phone's volume buttons. If you'd rather disable autoplay altogether, there's an option in the settings.

Telegram 5.4 adds support for controlling automatic downloads based on your needs and data environment. You can even set up custom settings based on chat or media type and file size. And finally, Telegram is offering users alternative options to logging out, instead letting you add another account, clear the cache, change the phone number, or lock the app with a passcode.

You can get Telegram 5.4 for yourself in the Play Store or from APK Mirror, depending on your preference.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free