Last October we learned that Stardew Valley would finally be coming to Android thanks to an announcement from ConcernedApe, though no release date was given at the time. Well, it would appear that we are finally nearing the release with Stardew Valley's recent pre-registration listing on the Play Store. So if you're eager to get your hands on the game and would like to be notified when it goes live, make sure to visit the new Play Store listing and click on the pre-registration button.

We still don't know exactly when Stardew Valley will officially launch on Android, but what we do know is that it will be priced at $7.99 and it won't include any in-app purchases. It's also worth noting that it will release with the new story content from the recent 1.3 update, though the multiplayer content from that update will not be included. Users will still be able to transfer their PC save data to the Android port despite the differences in content, which is a great option for those that don't want to have to start a new game.

The Secret Police is the mobile developer hired by ConcernedApe to work on the Android port as well as the iOS version that's already available on the Apple App Store. Since the iOS port has been live since last October, it has already received quite a few updates to smooth over a few of its rough edges, and Android players will thankfully get to take advantage of these features upon our release. This means we can expect a pinch to zoom function, a bunch of newer touch control options, and a save anywhere option that suits mobile play perfectly. External controller support is also expected.

It would seem that Stardew Valley has become something of a phenomenon, so it's no surprise to see its creator porting the game to just about every platform he can. I'm sure there are plenty of Android gamers out there that are eagerly awaiting the release of this farming life-sim on the Play Store, and after personally playing quite a lot of this title on PC, Switch, and iOS, you can count me among them. So as long as we can expect the quality of the iOS release to signal what we can expect from the upcoming Android port, then all anyone is going to have to worry about on release day is where they're going to find the cash to pick this up.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley
Developer: Chucklefish Limited
Price: $4.99

Stardew Valley is launching on the Play Store on March 14th

Today marks the third anniversary for the original PC release of Stardew Valley, and in celebration of this event, the official release date for the upcoming Android version has been announced. Stardew Valley will launch on the Google Play Store on March 14th, and if you'd like to receive a notification when the download goes live, make sure to hit that pre-registration button on the Play Store widget above this text.