The Cheetah Mobile story is the gift that keeps on giving. There can't be a few months of break between incidents, scandals, or even weird news involving the company, and today is no different. We just spotted that two of Cheetah's applications are now masquerading under a new developer name: Leopard Mobile. Yup, sounds legit.

Both CM Security and CM Browser, two apps that were surprisingly not involved (or at least not exposed) in the click-fraud scheme of the company, have had their developer's name and physical address switched to Leopard Mobile recently. That's as far as the change goes. The website still indicates

A little digging around revealed that Leopard Mobile calls itself a "partner" of Cheetah Mobile, even though its established office in Taiwan clearly has a Cheetah Mobile logo above its reception desk. Beyond being another face of the same coin, we apparently have Leopard Mobile to thank for PhotoGrid and Security Master, two gems of the Android ecosystem.

So just in case you run into these apps and think they're innocuous, try not to be fooled by a few spotty differences.