Arlo has traditionally offered a great value in its cloud storage plans, but that value might be taking a hit today. The Arlo website seems to have been updated to remove the annual camera subscription options. All you have left now are the slightly more spendy monthly plans.

Arlo is in the process of rolling out its new 4K Arlo Ultra cameras. The early reviews have been poor, and Best Buy actually pulled the units from sale. According to the Best Buy site, Arlo Ultra will be back next month. Even if those cameras work properly, the subscriptions aren't as generous. There's no free 7-day cloud storage, and you have to pay more for the 4K video recording. The lack of yearly plans could add more to the cost.

On archived versions of the Arlo website, the company listed yearly payments for all its plans that trimmed a few dollars off the cost. Now, you only have the monthly plans like $9.99 for Arlo Smart Premiere. Over a year, that'll cost about $120. The yearly pricing was $99. The premium 4K add-on is $1.99 per month ($24 per year), but the annual option knocked that down to $19.

The struggling camera maker might be trying to eke out a little more profit from customers, or maybe it's just an oversight. While we no longer see annual options on the website, the app continues to offer users a discount when paying for a full year. When reached for comment, Arlo told us the following.

Arlo is working on new pricing promotions for our different plans that will drive significant value to customers making a longer term commitment.  More information will be available soon.

That doesn't offer much clarity, does it?

We reached out to Arlo hoping for some further insight into these changes, and the company offered this response:

Arlo continues to offer annual and monthly Arlo subscription plans giving our customers the flexibility to choose what works best for them. Arlo regularly reviews the plan offerings and occasionally offers promotions throughout the year. In order to streamline our internal process, we removed pricing from the KBA.

So, while users are still able to take advantage of discounts by committing to a full year of service, those options are a lot less visible. We'll be keeping an eye on Arlo's price structure going forward, and keep you informed of any further changes.