We've been looking at crazy high-end phones at MWC the past few days, but it's often the simpler accessories that keep our phones functional and pleasant to use day-in and day-out. And right now Amazon's got a number of Anker power, audio, and data products on sale to help out with just that.

For most of them, you will need to use a coupon code when checking out, so make sure to order quickly before they expire.

Chargers & Hubs

Whether you're powering a single device or ten, Anker's got you covered with its range of corded or wireless chargers. Most of them are high-speed ones too, but it's always best to check the wattage before you buy if you're looking for shorter charging cycles: the higher the output, the faster your phone will power up.

Power Banks

There's only a single battery pack on sale, but it's a pretty good one. Its high capacity and dual outlets will let you charge two devices simultaneously and its 4.8A output means they will charge quickly, so you don't have to plug them in for long.


Finally, depending on what you're looking for, you might be interested in one of these headphones. The first ones are fitness-centric, as they're designed to match all ear shapes and are water resistant. They're well-rated and this deal makes them very affordable.

The second ones are mostly intended for travelers who like to enjoy a calm environment during their trip, thanks to their active noise-cancellation and 3.5mm auxiliary input that let you use them even without Bluetooth connectivity. This being said, I find their neckband shape quite disturbing and the lack of reviews makes me wonder if they're any good.