Did you know Google is working on a cheaper version of the Pixel 3? I know, this is entirely new information. I mean, aside from the multiple leaks that included both photos and video. Now, the phones are a step closer to reality after stopping by the FCC.

As is customary, Google requested confidentiality in the FCC report (but it's too late, we've seen everything). The reports don't include much useful information, unless you're interested in the signal-to-noise ratio of the Pixel 3 Lite's cellular radio between 1734MHz and 1783MHz. If you are, there's a 40 page FCC report with your name on it. In fact, there are several reports, one for each model.

So far, the FCC has six different model numbers for the Pixel 3 Lite: G020B, G020C, G020D, G020H, G020G, and G020F. These are probably both regular and XL variants for multiple markets, but the headlining features should be the same. The phones will have polycarbonate bodies, LCD displays, Snapdragon 670 or 710 SoCs, and headphone jacks. We believe the Pixel 3 Lite and 3 XL Lite will launch on Verizon this spring.