The Galaxy Fold is... kind of obscene - so it's only fitting that Samsung's showing it off at MWC inside of a huge glass display case so nobody can get very close to it. Or touch it. Samsung has four Folds at its booth here in Barcelona, and they look pretty cool! We did find that the displays do appear to have some dimpling on the plastic (see lower left of the top photo), and there's definitely a noticeable crease in the middle where the hinge is, which is... not the best.

But hey, you've gotta start somewhere, right? And I do think it looks pretty damn cool in the flesh (plastic?). I really want to know how it feels to fold and unfold it, probably more than anything else in a kind of weird way. Some of the lucky few who got to handle Huawei's folding Mate X prototypes said the mechanism was pretty stiff, but Samsung's hinge design looks intense, so I hope that means they really went for the smoothest possible action.

At press time, Samsung had yet to provide an estimate as to when I may put my grubby, mortal fingers on its shiny, very expensive folding phone thing.