I've been using the Galaxy S10 for the last few days here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and I thought I'd share some of the photos I've captured thus far in a little gallery below. You can see photos in this gallery from both the standard and telephoto (zoom/portrait) lens here - I've not had a good opportunity to use the ultra-wide camera just yet. Take a look.

So, what's my early take? I like the flexibility the secondary zoom lens provides - I just wish it looked... a lot better. The processing on the telephoto camera can make images even in well-lit indoor shots look very muddy (see the profile shot of the burrito - the guacamole looks like green paint), but outdoors it's a little more serviceable. It provides a unique and sometimes interesting perspective, though, so I can't help but find myself using it.

The primary camera is great, though, and reminds me why Samsung continues to be near the top of the heap for smartphone cameras. While the processing may not be to everyone's liking (including myself), the sharp details and vivid contrast make things Ready For Instagram right out of the shutter. It's not hard to understand the appeal. I also think the primary camera does a very good job with white balance (the telephoto, not so much), and capture performance is very good - I'm looking at you, Pixel 3 XL.

I'll be spending a lot more time with the phone in the next few weeks, and our review with even more photos will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.