Google started talking about Digital Wellbeing last year at Google I/O, but the feature never appeared in any of the pre-release Android P builds. Eventually, its surfaced as a beta feature on Pixel phones running Pie. Digital Wellbeing has slowly branched out to Android One phones, and the Galaxy S10 is supposed to have it as well. The next target, the Moto G7.

Digital Wellbeing lets you track the time you spend using apps, how often you unlock your phone, your notifications, and other metrics. Google tied in several features to help you use your phone less, if indeed that's something you want to do.

Motorola has started taking pre-orders for the Moto G7, but there's no word on the other members of the G7 family. All four of those phones should have the Digital Wellbeing suite pre-installed when they begin shipping. The G7 will begin appearing in early March.