Just a few days ago, Samsung finally revealed its new suite of Galaxy S10 phones, doubling the number of models in the lineup since last year even as it launched a new "hole-punch" display design. From the 5G to the 10e, you've got a lot more options this time around — and higher prices to go with them. Pre-orders have already opened for most models, so I'm curious to hear if you've decided to pick one up yet.

Prices for the S10 and S10+ have increased quite a bit, jumping up by $180 and $160, respectively, to $899 and $999 since last year. Of course, base storage sizes and the number of cameras have also increased. Although there was a bit of a question before, all models of the S10 and S10+ also come with 8GB of RAM.

However, there are two other versions of the phone to complicate decisions this time around. Samsung's slightly lower-end Galaxy S10e seems set to fill a similar position in the company's lineup as Apple's iPhone XR, and it's a whole lot cheaper than the other phones at $750. And, of course, there's the temporarily Verizon-exclusive S10 5G expected this June, for which pricing is unknown.

They've dominated the news for the last few days, and analyst expectations of the smartphone market in 2019 set to be a bit more difficult, you can be sure to expect a full-on marketing blitz in the coming days to help increase sales. As we tip into MWC's announcements, and with pre-orders expected to land on March 8th, have you taken the plunge, are you holding out for something else, or are you happy with what you've got?

Will you be getting a Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, or S10 5G?

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