Smart lights are often cited as the first product you get for any smart home. They're easy to install and set up, and they're convenient to have whether you just want to automate your lighting, control it via voice commands, or use it to pretend someone is home when you're away. If you haven't started building your smart home yet or if you're looking for extra lights to brighten up your rooms, there's a secret deal on LIFX bulbs today that can save you up to $120.

LIFX' lights differ from Hue or Ikea by not using ZigBee or requiring a separate hub: every light has Wi-Fi and connects directly to your network. This may not be the most ideal strategy for smartening up an entire home, but if you only need a few smart lights and don't want to bother with another hub, they're a great option. They're also known for their accurate colors and brightness (1100 lumens). Other benefits include Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility, as well as support for IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. You can check out my review for more details.

Normally, LIFX' A19 and BR30 color bulbs cost $60 (though some are $45 on Amazon now), but with the discount code B2G2, you buy two and get another two for free. So the cost of four is $120 instead of $240 (or instead of $180, if you consider the discounted price). The code works on A19 and BR30 lights, both in E26 and E27 Edison screw sizes, or B22 bayonet, so you should find the right light for your locale. The secret deal is also available in the US, EU, and UK.

All you need to grab the discount is to head to the links below, grab four lights, and enter the code B2G2 at checkout.

  • USA: Buy 2, get 2 for $120 (valid until 4pm PST on Monday, February 25)
  • EU: Buy 2, get 2 for €130 (valid until 4pm GMT on Monday, February 25)
  • UK: Buy 2, get 2 for £110 (valid until 4pm GMT on Monday, February 25)