Electronics skins from dbrand. Why do you need one on your phone, laptop, console, or other devices? Well, they add grip, and a layer of protection against wear and tear, dings and scratches. Let's be honest though, you could accomplish that with some duct tape and a exact-o-knife if you wanted to get crafty. The things that set dbrand's skins apart are that they are perfectly cut to fit your device and –most importantly– they look freaking awesome. 

Fresh off the press (or whatever machine they use to make skins) is dbrand's latest sick look– Swarm. This most recent collaboration between dbrand and 3M just might bee their best look yet. The distinctive honeycomb pattern is highly textured and reflects light dynamically in 12 different directions. It doesn't just look sweet (as honey, we might add), it also has an incredible feel in hand. 

Like it? We've got good news then. Swarm skins, as well as all the other skin style's dbrand offers, are on sale for 20 percent off right now. There are even skins for the Samsung Galaxy S10 available to pre-order. What are you waiting for? Buzz on over to dbrand and grab some swarm skins for your devices. Bee sure to order at least $30 worth of products though to unlock free shipping.

You'll enjoy your dbrand skins even more than the puns in this article. What, you didn't enjoy the puns? Man guys, that really stings.

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