Samsung is no stranger to true wireless earbuds, but its first attempt attracted widespread derision for the pitiful battery life. The second-gen IconX did better, but the price tag was high at $200. Now, the Galaxy Buds are launching alongside the Galaxy S10 with a surprisingly reasonable price. These earbuds are coming March 8th for $129.

The new Samsung earbuds are slimmer and lighter than before, weighing just 5.6g per bud. Each one has a 58mAh battery, but that's enough for six hours of audio playback. You've got another two charges in the case, too. That case recharges over USB Type-C, which is a relief. So many accessories still use microUSB in this price range. There's also wireless charging, so it works with wireless power share on the GS10 and with regular Qi pads.

The new microphone design supports ambient sound passthrough as well. They connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and use a proprietary Samsung "scalable" codec, along with AAC and SBC. It's unclear how this compares to AptX, but hopefully it's competitive. For what it's worth, the audio is tuned by AKG like most other Samsung products. The buds also have Bixby integration, and they sync instantly with Galaxy smartphones. So, you've got that to look forward to when the Galaxy Buds launch on March 8th.