Facebook has definitely earned its sour reputation, but the company has been scrambling in the last few months to try to regain some of its users' trust. Today, it announced some new location control settings for Android (and iOS), an update which aims to give people more control over just how much information they share with the social network.

This new setting improves upon the background location – that is, if the app can access your location even when you're not using it – offering a two-step process. First, you decide whether or not the Facebook app has access to your location data at all, after which you determine whether you want the background stuff going, too. The latter is meant to help with things like Nearby Friends, suggestions for stuff to do, and more relevant ads.

It's noted that none of your previous choices in this regard will change, and Background Location will remain disabled if you never opted into Location Services. However, Facebook will alert people who did opt in sometime in the past to give the settings a quick look to see if they want to change anything. That's respectable.

Developer: Facebook
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