Google has introduced a few top-level domains over the years, including .google, .apps, and even .lol. Last year, the company announced the .dev TLD, intended for use by software developers. Registration has been open to select partners since January 16th, but now anyone can buy a .dev domain — as long as you have $11k.

Today marks the beginning of .dev's 'Early Access Program,' where you can buy a domain for a (very high) additional fee. If you don't think your website name will be grabbed before then, you can wait until February 28th, when the fee will go away. It's not clear what the final price for .dev domains will be, and each registration service will likely have different prices.

Dozens of registrars now offer .dev domains, including GoDaddy,, Network Solutions, and of course, Google Domains. Right now, you can buy a .dev site from Google for the low price of $11,500 (plus $12/year). What a savings!

Google also mentioned a few examples of companies and organizations using .dev domains. You can make sites with and, connect with women programmers at, and learn how to code at As with .app domains, sites using .dev are required to use HTTPS.

That early access pricing is finally over, so assuming that someone didn't already scoop up the .dev domain of your choice you can now register it for as low as $12-$15.