Apple popularized fully cordless audio with its AirPods, but other manufacturers also offer cheaper or better alternatives. A good illustration is Aukey's in-ear buds, which are much more discreet than their counterpart — meaning they don't look like toothbrush heads — and cost $100 less. The below coupons make them $20 cheaper and therefore one of the most affordable products in their category, at just $39.59.

I'm a big fan of true wireless in-ear earbuds because they fit perfectly and their tight grip offers passive noise cancelation. The absence of any cable means you're free to move your head around without having to worry about obstructions, which is particularly useful when working out. You will have to be cautious with Aukey's buds, though, as they don't offer water or sweat resistance, but I'm not sure you can expect more given their price.

The earphones offer about three hours of playback time, and the case brings this figure up to twelve, but you'll have to stop using them while they charge. The crate is also a convenient way to avoid losing your buds, as their small size makes them easy to leave behind. If you'd like to use them for calls, you can keep a single bud in your ear so you're ready to answer incoming communications.

You can get $20.40 off Aukey's True Wireless Earbuds on Amazon by using the below codes:

  • AUKEYPT16 for the black ones
  • AUKEYPT6 for the white ones