LG's last few V-series phones have been pretty similar to each other, but it looks like the upcoming V50 is going to have something special up its sleeve: 5G. A leaked photo of the Sprint V50 from Evan Blass reveals that the phone will have 5G capabilities, and given the giant yellow logo on the back, it isn't shy about it.


For the most part, the V50 looks roughly the same as the V40. Of course, Sprint makes sure that everyone knows the phone is 5G-capable between the status bar, the unsightly yellow logo on the back, and the very over-the-top wallpaper. 5G branding aside, the only immediately noticeable change is to the three rear cameras, which no longer sit on a raised glass module. Instead, they appear to be flush with the back of the phone, which is an interesting design choice.

The V50 ThinQ is likely launching on February 24th. If our speculation that this will be LG's first 5G phone is correct, the V50 will have a Snapdragon 855, a 4,000mAh battery, and a large vapor chamber for cooling.

Not loving the jaggy, aliased edges on that kinda ugly-looking low-res leak? Evan has apparently decided to throw us a bone and share a much nicer, higher-res version of the V50 leak. That overly conspicuous 5G logo up top still isn't looking any prettier, but at least we can see it a bit better — that's something, right?

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