Nearly every company in the world that has anything to do with mobile accessories will make a case for the upcoming Galaxy S10, but Samsung will have its own first-party cases, too. Samsung's phone cases are usually very nice, but the LED cover looks pretty tacky in the latest leak. It has an "Emotional LED Lighting Effect" on the back because why not?

Samsung has traditionally released an LED case for its phones, but they've always been flip covers. So, you would get LED notifications and a clock on the front of your phone. You could argue that's useful. The Galaxy S10's LED cover seems somewhat less desirable because the LEDs are on the back, and the glittery ambient pattern seems garish. The notifications (like the phone call icon in the leak) are only handy if the phone is laying face down.

Presumably, this cover will siphon power from the phone's inductive charging system—that's what the past versions have done. It'll use a bit of your battery, but do you want to waste any juice for sparkling LED effects on the back of your phone? Just buy a "gaming" phone with an RGB logo. Samsung usually asks around $50 for its LED cases, which is steep for an accessory anyway. The leak claims this case will launch for all three variants: the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e.

Alt title: Twinkle twinkle little case, how I hate your stupid face