We see too many good deals to let you know about them all in real time, so in posts like these, we round up the ones that slipped through the cracks. Over the past few days, we've seen a lot of solid deals that didn't get their own posts, from budget phones and tablets to assorted smart home gadgets.

Nokia 6.1: $50 off

This is a great price for what Jordan called the best budget phone of the year (last year, that is). For your 180 clams you're getting a sturdy and stylish design, a nice software experience, USB-C charging, and whoa, a headphone jack. We saw the Nokia 6.1 at this price in December, and it's still a good deal now. Just don't buy it for the camera.

Jaybird X4: $30 off

  • Jaybird X4 wireless earbuds — $99.90, $30.29 off (Amazon)

I reviewed the Jaybird X4 last year and came away impressed. They don't have the battery life of the company's newer Tarah Pro, but they sound just as good and they're a little more comfortable. Their only real weakness is a silly proprietary charger, but if you don't mind that, these are a great pick.

Nest x Yale Lock: $50 off

  • Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect — $239, $50 off (B&H)

Throw away your house keys and replace them with this Nest x Yale keypad for 50 bucks off. It installs over an existing deadbolt "in minutes," and can remember up to 20 unique passcodes to let people into your place. With the included Nest Connect accessory, you can also lock and unlock your door remotely using your phone.

(If you do get one, you probably shouldn't really throw away your keys. That was just a joke.)

Arlo Doorbell: $20 off

  • Arlo Doorbell – $59.99, $20 off (Amazon)

Stephen reviewed the Arlo Doorbell in January and found it to be of questionable value. It's normally $80, and unless you're already invested in the Arlo ecosystem, it's useless. If you are invested, though, the unit's $60 sale price is pretty fair for a doorbell that integrates with your security system with dead simple installation.

Hue bulbs: $6 off

  • Philips Hue White Ambiance bulbs – $23.97, $6.02 off (Amazon)

These bulbs can't change color like Hue's White and Color Ambiance ones can, but they do let you tune the temperature of white light they emit. Bright, cool light in the morning and dim, warm light in the evening makes for a cozy smart lighting experience. A single bulb is currently $6.02 off its normal price on Amazon, while a two-pack is $39.95, $10 off its usual price.

Amazon Fire tablets: Up to $40 off

  • Fire 7 – $39.99, $10 off (Amazon)
  • Fire HD 8 – $59.99, $20 off (Amazon)
  • Fire HD 10 – 119.99, $30 off (Amazon)
  • Fire 7 Kids Edition – $69.99, $30 off (Amazon)
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – $99.99, $30 off (Amazon)
  • Fire HD 10 Kids Edition – $159.99, $40 off (Amazon)

Amazon's Fire tablets are always cheap, but right now, they're real cheap. You can pick up a Fire 7 for 40 bucks, a savings of $10. Pricier models have larger discounts. If you're wondering why the Kids Editions are more expensive, it's because they come with protective cases to help them weather the carelessness of young hands — plus free replacement if they're broken within two years of purchase.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug: $3 off

  • TP-Link HS100 Kasa Smart WiFi Plug – $13.98, $3.01 off (Amazon)

TP-Link's Kasa smart plugs are a really great way to step foot into the smart home arena. They're simple and cheap, and they work with just about every appliance. Amazon lists the HS100 plug as currently being $26.01 off, but it's been selling for $16.99 regularly since October. Still, this is a really low price for a really handy item, and that discount adds up if you're buying in bulk.