As you're probably aware, there are some pre-release builds of Android Q floating around out there. We've gotten some tidbits detailing potential features from those builds like a system-wide dark mode and a possible desktop UI. Now, XDA claims to have spotted the best change yet: Google could make a long overdue improvement to gesture navigation by killing the back button.

In Android Pie, Google revamped the Android navigation scheme with gestures. Well, some gestures. You still tap the "pill" for home, but multitasking is a swipe up. A swipe to the right quickly toggles between the most previous app. Then there's the back button, which just hangs out there next to the home button and looks weird.

The new navigation setup spotted in the leaked build by XDA ditches the back button entirely. Instead, you swipe the pill to the left to go back. In addition, the swipe right "quick switch" gesture comes with a much smoother animation. See the video above for a demo (back gesture at the very end).

This is an early build, and things could change prior to release. Google could decide to keep the back button, or it could address more gesture pain points like the ugly black bar and tediously long gesture to open the app drawer. Please, Google.