Lenovo was the first to hit Android Things smart display scene with the aptly-named Lenovo Smart Display. The eight- or 10-inch device isn't an awkward freshman attempt, either; the company kind of hit it out of the park. We've seen it on sale a lot lately, but this deal here is the best one yet. You can get the smaller version for just $85, or the larger for $127, with a coupon code on Rakuten.

These are selling at Lenovo's official Rakuten storefront. They're already discounted to $99.99 and $149.99 for Presidents Day weekend, but coupon code SAVE15 will shave an additional 15 percent off each. You do need a Rakuten account to use the code, but they're free, and you should really have one anyway. The site has banger deals like these all the time.

We saw the smaller Smart Display for $89 in an unfortunately short-lived sale direct from Lenovo earlier this month. If you missed out then, now's your chance. The bigger one was a crazy bargain at just $99 at some physical Walmart locations last month, but that required some luck (which our own Aatif had).

A couple more things: you can only order one of each size at these prices, and you'll probably have to pay sales tax. Still, these are great prices on great devices. Hit the links below to get yours.

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