Here in the US, Google Pay is widely supported, and for that we're grateful. In international markets, support isn't always as easily found, but the list of partner banks is ever expanding. Over the past month, we've noticed that Google Pay has added support for a number of new banks for a handful of countries around the world, opening the door for even more consumers to enjoy the ease of using the payment platform to make in-store, in-app and online purchases.

Let's get started, shall we? Google Pay has added support for two more UK banks: Danske Bank (all MasterCards but no Visa cards) and N26 (all MasterCards). This brings the total number of Google Pay partners with supported payment cards in the UK to 32.

In Italy, Google Pay now supports for BPER Banca's three banking subsidiaries: Banco di Sardegna, Cassa di Risparmio di Bra, and Cassa di Risparmio di Saluzzo. This brings the total number of Italian banks with Google Pay support to 12.

Google Pay also now supports three more banks in Spain: Banco Pichincha, Pibank, and Boon. With these additions, Spain now has 15 banks supported by Google Pay.

Australia, which has seen its list of supported banks growing quite rapidly lately, now has two more banks supported by Google Pay: IMB and Heritage Bank. This brings the total number of Australian banks with Google Pay support to 67.

Google Pay (then Android Pay) launched in Russia in May 2017 with 15 supported banks. Needless to say, the country has come a long way since then, and now it boasts a total of 89 supported banks, thanks to these recent additions: Joint-Stock Commercial Bank «Professional investment Bank» (Joint-Stock public Company), Ekaterinburg National City Bank, KOLTSO URALA KB OOO A, COMMERCIAL BANK «ENERGOTRANSBANK» joint-stock company, Карты maestro, electron, МИР, Expobank Limited Liability Company, Public joint-stock company «Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank», Joint-stock company commercial bank “ORENBURG," Joint Stock Company TROIKA-D BANK ; JSC TROIKA-D BANK, Joint-Stock Сompany «Bank Realist», and JSB "Dolinsk."

Canada (Brim Financial), Brazil (Itaú Unibanco), Ukraine (Marfin Bank), and Poland (Crédit Agricole) have also seen their respective lists of Google Pay-supported banks lengthen.

If you benefit from any of these new additions, make sure to check the appropriate Google Pay support page for details; not all cards from each of these banks is supported at the moment, and it's probably worth checking before getting too excited.

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