Today is Valentine's Day, and whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone loves the hilarious e-cards that are posted everywhere around this time of year. Last year we had some fun making Android-themed cards, and this year, we've got more for you.

"meeting you was the best xperia of my life"

"i don't need night sight to see how good you look tonight"

"you're the key2 my heart", with a picture of the BlackBerry Key2

"roses are RED, violets are BLU, we got some weird phones this year, but most of them blew", with a picture of the RED Hydrogen One

"i was always solo, until we became a duo"

"unlike headphone jacks, my love for you is never going away"

"i know we just met, but let's be like at&t and say i'm boyfriend evolution"

"even my phone says you're a top shot", with a picture of the Pixel 3

"if you trust me, i promise i won't be a cheetah", with the logo of Cheetah Mobile's Clean Master app

"you're the only star in this galaxy", with a picture of the Samsung Galaxy S8