Most Android users I know stick with Gboard nowadays, but there are some of you out there who still use third-party keyboards. The most popular one on the Play Store is SwiftKey, and now, the beta version has been updated to color the navigation bar with your keyboard's primary theme color.


  • Your navigation bar will now match the main background colour used in your keyboard theme.
  • We’ve added a new language: Karakalpak
  • Secondary characters have been reintroduced to Incognito mode and we’ve made the watermark more transparent. Thanks for your feedback :-)

The coloring is pretty self-explanatory; the nav bar will simply adopt the keyboard's background color now, which, in my opinion, looks pretty good. Other additions include a new language, Karakalpak, as well as some minor tweaks to Incognito mode.

The update is rolling out on the Play Store now, so be sure to check for it if it hasn't already been installed.

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta
Microsoft SwiftKey Beta
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free
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  • Armando