Just about a month ago, Philips announced that Hue owners would soon be able to set custom power-on behaviors, meaning that you can tell your lights how you want them to come on when you flip the switch or the power returns. This includes brightness and color.

Here's the changelog for the app:

  • We are happy to announce that you can now configure the power-on behavior to your preferred color and brightness. Go to settings -> Power-on behavior to configure.
  • Added on/off switch and brightness slider to the color picker screen for individual lights.
  • This Pi (3.14 ;-) release is optimized for Android Pie (9) and resolves an issue that caused a significant delay in triggering of the Home & Away routine.
  • This release includes various other stability and performance improvements.


If you're a bit lost on the significance of this update, I don't blame you. While I don't personally see myself setting custom power on behavior for lights, but for those who like to fine-tune the control of their home, this sounds great. And hey, I'm all for companies giving customers as many options to customize the product to their liking as possible.

Philips promised that Hue owners would be able to take advantage of this in February, so good on them for sticking to their word, and on Valentine's Day no less. The update should be rolling out to everyone in the Play Store, which you can check for via the widget below. You can also grab it from APK Mirror if you'd rather.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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