For a stock camera app, Motorola's Camera 2 is pretty feature-rich, and in an update last December, it added even more options like a selfie portrait mode and support for watermarking. The app has been updated again, bringing live filters, a leveler UI, and some pro-mode tweaks.

  • Live filters for all devices
  • Manual mode persistency, histogram and Kelvin temperature for all devices
  • Leveler UI to properly align photo captures for all devices
  • AR Stickers. This will be released through the Google Lens app in late February. moto z3 and z3 play devices are already eligible. The moto g7 play, g6, g5s plus, x4 and motorola one do not have the necessary hardware for this feature. For further questions, please reach out to Google.
  • Bug fixes for all devices

Left: The leveler UI (the two intersecting lines). Right: Color temperature measurements in Kelvin.


With the manual mode persistency feature, power users can set the camera to start up in manual mode, and with histogram and color temperature support, maintaining consistent exposure and white balance becomes a lot easier. Motorola also detailed how AR Stickers will come to additional devices, with support arriving via Google Lens later this month for compatible handsets.

Moto Camera 2
Moto Camera 2
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