How to have a party, according to JBL: Step one, buy this giant portable Bluetooth speakers (there is no step two). You can now complete step one thanks to the launch of the PartyBox 200 and 300 in the US. For a couple hundred dollars, you can get a mammoth, glowing speaker to haul around and start parties. The promo video makes it look pretty easy.

The PartyBox 200 is the cheaper of the two models, starting at $379.95. The PartyBox 300 is a bit more expensive at $449.95. Both speakers have a pair of 6.5-inch woofers with three 2.5-inch tweeters. They support wireless stereo, USB, RCA, and there are even inputs for mic and guitar. They also have LED light effects because why not?

The only difference between these speakers is how portable they are. The PartyBox 200 needs to be plugged in, but the 300 has a 10,000 mAh battery that's good for about 18 hours of playback. It's not that much more expensive, so that's probably a sensible upgrade. You can get the speakers from JBL, Amazon, or B&H. See below.