With 2019 gearing up to be the year of 5G — or at least the start of it — I'm a little curious about the current state of 4G data as it applies to all of our readers. Much to my frustration, my home internet connection is randomly cutting out today, so this poll actually comes courtesy of my tethered phone and T-Mobile's LTE. Right now I'm really glad the connection it provides is fast enough for work; 45 Mbps down might not compare to my gigabit home speeds, but it's fine in a pinch. But between the promises of a new G's worth of data and my own predicament, I'm curious to know how fast your phone's mobile data connection is.

There are plenty of different services to check, from the Netflix-powered Fast.com to Ookla's Speedtest and its slightly inflated numbers. (Sometimes telecom companies bump the priority on the latter, providing inaccurate numbers to make customers feel better, while Fast.com uses Netflix's often throttled servers.) Google even has a built-in speed test that makes checking your speeds as easy as a search in Chrome.

Fast enough to get this poll out. 

Let's not concern ourselves with upload speeds or ping today, this is purely a discussion of simple download speeds from your phone's mobile data connection right now via your preferred test. And I hate to have overly complicated polls, so I'll try to keep the options to windows that provide an idea of the ranges experienced without entirely drowning you in numbers.

How fast is your mobile data download speed right now?

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