Google's effort to slightly update the look of its apps to match the latest Material Design guidelines (MD 2.0, if you will) continues apace. Crowdsource is the company's clever way of gamifying data collection for use in its many products, and it now features Google Sans and uses a lot more white (quelle surprise).

So it's no different to any other Material makeover, then. Google's custom typeface is spreading like wildfire, but that's no bad thing since it looks pretty nice. The increased use of white and iOS-style elements like the centered main heading are likely to be less welcome, however.

It looks like putting up with all this white will finally lead to the dark mode we all crave, though, so perhaps it's worth it in the long run. Unlike Google Opinion Rewards, Crowdsource still doesn't offer any cash incentives for the time you put in, but if you like brightly-colored badges instead, there are plenty of them to obtain.


One new feature is mentioned in the changelog — Google now wants you to upload selfies so it can create a "large, open dataset of selfies representing diverse regions, ages, genders, and expressions." They'll then be used to improve apps like Camera and Photos.

You can grab the latest version of Crowdsource from APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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