Things may look different the next time you open the Uber app. The latest version (build number 4.249.10002) revamps a few bits of the UI to take advantage of taller screen ratios, and it makes scheduling easier. It's only accessible in the official beta channel, though.

Note: Some of the changes described below were recently enabled in an A/B test for some users on both the stable and beta channels. The latest beta update makes those changes permanent and makes further adjustments.


Left: The old Uber app, Right: Uber beta

The updated app makes it easier to select your ride type, especially in places where you've got a ton of options. The old side-scrolling selector is gone, replaced with a list that uses more vertical space. Most newer phones are 18:9 or taller, so you've got room to spare. You can swipe up to see all the ride options available in your location, too. There's also a more prominent scheduling button in the app—it's right next to the confirm button now.

You can see more screens of the updated UI in the gallery above. The update will probably make its way to the stable version of the app in the future. If you can't wait, just enroll in the beta program by following this link.

Uber - Request a ride
Uber - Request a ride

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