Shadowgun Legends has been updated to version 0.8.0, and this update brings a hefty amount of new features, content, and improvements. If you're unfamiliar with the title, it's a first-person shooter stuffed with over 200 single-player missions, and it also offers a wide selection of multiplayer content. It's basically mobile's version of Destiny, and with the changes brought with this recent update, players can jump into a new Capture the Flag PvP mode as well as work their way through the main campaign with their friends by their side.

The most significant changes this update brings are of course the additions of the PvP Capture the Flag mode and the game-wide co-op. The CTF mode brings along a new map called Alien Cave, and there's also a new cosmetic bundle that fits with this theme. The game-wide co-op is also a very significant change since it allows players to group up and take on any of the primary campaign missions together, something that wasn't possible before the 0.8.0 update. Of course, there's even more content to expect from this update, such as four new legendary weapon types, five new emotes, plus there's a couple of new ways to earn in-game gold.

For the full changelog, read below.


  • New team PvP mode, Capture the Flag
    • Two teams of four compete in this classic multiplayer mode, trying to steal their opponent's flag while defending their own
  • Game-wide co-op, making all missions in the game playable with another Shadowgun
  • An offerwall with new ways to earn Gold


  • Alien Cave - new PvP map for Capture the Flag
  • Five new emotes: Pogo, Rodeo, Chillin', Stingray and Jump Rope
  • Four new legendary weapons
    • Legendary Rocket Launcher Bestie
    • Legendary Machine Gun Pile Driver
    • Legendary Pistol Spectrum
    • Legendary SMG Wintermute
  • New Xenomorph Cosmetic bundle
  • Secret gear and customizations ready for upcoming events


  • PvP respawn switched to manual allowing player to plan strategy before jumping into battle
  • Layout changes to Duel maps Jungle Lab and Snowdump
  • Improvements of graphic settings, focusing on a smoother experience
  • Duel invitations now work, even when players are not in the same hub
  • Players are now able to revive their teammates and collect ascendancy trophies
  • Fame rewards from skill Ribbons and Medals rebalanced, to reflect player’s efforts better
  • Ribbons and Medals from Emergency Shield are now awarded correctly
  • Hologram decoding fixed, now giving players the correct rewards
  • Guild messages are saved even after the app restarts…
  • and plenty of other bugfixes.