Google Fiber is the tech giant's answer to overpriced, sluggish internet access, provided you live in one of the few areas where it's available. While Fiber has expanded to 9 states, Louisville, Kentucky has the unpleasant honor of being the first market to lose access to Google Fiber.

The announcement came directly from Google today, explaining how and why Google Fiber will be leaving Louisville in April. Fiber came to Kentucky in 2017 along with San Antonio, Texas. Google's reason for pulling out of Louisville has to do with the method used to lay down the fiber. Rather than burying it deep, Google placed it in smaller trenches to save money and speed the rollout. Unfortunately, this has caused ongoing service issues.

Google says fixing this issue would be too costly—it would have to rebuild the network from scratch. So, it's pulling out of the market entirely. If you are a Google Fiber user in Louisville, you'll have access to Fiber until April 15. In the meantime, the next two months of service will be on Google's dime. This will not affect users in other Fiber markets, but it does make you wonder about Google's level of commitment.