Now that renders have shown what the G8 ThinQ will look like, LG has revealed more about the upcoming flagship that will be unveiled at MWC. The new handset will feature a time-of-flight sensor, which is expected to offer fast and precise facial recognition.

Just like FaceID, the time-of-flight camera in the G8 will use infrared light to build a 3D model of the subject and confirm identity. LG has collaborated with Infineon to integrate its dedicated REAL3 ToF chip, meaning the phone will need less processing power and use less energy compared to other devices that rely on software algorithms for facial validation.

In addition to authentication, the chip's depth measurement capabilities should allow for selfies with improved bokeh effects, as well as a better AR/VR experience — although I hardly see how the front lens can be used in virtual reality applications. LG might also have other features in mind for the camera, as it teased a phone with touchless gestures for MWC.

I'm puzzled as to why LG has decided to go with a notch design while they had the opportunity to integrate the camera in a "hole" like Samsung has decided to do with its 2019 flagships. The G8 also doesn't appear to have an earpiece, so there's one less reason to have a notch plus bezel on the top.

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