TV manufacturers usually launch new models in March and April, so you can get some great clearance deals in the preceding months. Today, we have a 49" 4K LED TV from Hisense (HIS49H6E) selling for $220 at Walmart stores. Unlike some previous Walmart deals, you can order this online with free shipping or in-store pickup.

I couldn't find any comprehensive reviews of this particular model, though users on forums and YouTube (search "49H6E") say the image quality is decent, with some backlight bleeding visible. According to the Hisense manual, the TV supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and this smart TV supports streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

You can order this TV on the Walmart website with free shipping and in-store pickup — stores around me showed a 5-day lead time for in-store pickup though. At this price, it seems like a good option to consider, as long as you don't expect performance similar to a $1000 TV.