Acer's Chromebook Spin 13 is among the fastest Chromebooks you can get. The convertible laptop also has one of the best screens you can get in a 13.5" laptop, though the original $900 asking price for the i5-equipped, 8GB RAM version is no small chunk of change. Thankfully for deal seekers, the best-ever price from last year's Cyber Monday sale is back, and right now you can buy one over on Amazon for just $699. That's $200 off MSRP and tied with this model's all-time low.

The Chromebook Spin 13 isn't a perfect Chromebook by any means, you can peruse our full review for more verbose details, but the short version is that it can be a bit awkward to get the stylus out in tablet mode, the fan can be pretty noisy, and the keyboard backlighting is a bit odd. Even so, for $200 less, it's a lot easier to forgive such transgressions, especially in the name of speed.

Its screaming 15W quad-core Intel CPU (8250U) delivers more power than you probably need. Paired with a Wacom digitizer-equipped 13.5" QHD (2256x1504) 3:2 IPS panel, it also has a fantastic display with the advantage of pressure-sensitive input, if you're a web or Android app-based artist. In short, this Chromebook has specs that border on gratuitous.

The last time we saw this particular model this cheap was during Amazon's Cyber Monday festivities when it was a limited-time deal of the day. Since then, it's generally hovered within $100 of the original asking price, thwarting the price-conscious. It's still closer to $900 at most retailers like Newegg, and B&H wants $850 for the 64GB storage version. In all, $699 for this particular model is quite a catch.

All that power in a Chromebook might be overkill for some, but such excess can be useful, especially if you plan on using any Linux apps on it.