When it comes to using a calculator, have you been tapping buttons like a peasant? Those days are now behind you — French developer MyScript has launched its second-generation app MyScript Calculator 2, a handwriting-gesture-driven calculator that promises to translate your ugly scrawls into numbers. Its previous app, the free-to-download MyScript Calculator, racked up over 10M downloads with an average of 4.5 stars over 347K reviews on the Play Store. While Calculator 2 is a paid app, selling for $2.99, the developer has made it free for the first week.

Calculator 2 is feature rich, with support for scratching-to-erase, and dragging and dropping numbers between different calculations. Working with fractions is more intuitive than on a regular calculator, as writing complex statements doesn't require learning any syntax. The app even supports more advanced trigonometric functions, and if you share calculations with another app, it neatly crops the screen and just shares the relevant portion.

Not bad, eh?

In my time with the app, as long as my handwriting was remotely legible, it had no problem recognizing what I wrote. MyScript Calculator 2 is currently available in the Play Store, and you can pick it up for free through February 12.

MyScript Calculator 2
MyScript Calculator 2
Developer: MyScript
Price: $2.99