SiriusXM users have been asking for Chromecast support for years, and at long last, their prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, the long-awaited functionality appears to have quite a few problems, with several Play Store reviews with complaints about it.


SiriusXM is better than ever on Google Chromecast!

  • Listen to your favorite channels, watch Howard Stern video including amazing interviews and performances On Demand and more on devices with Chromecast
  • Cast over 200 channels, plus thousands of hours of On Demand content right to any Chromecast device or devices with Chromecast built-in

The Chromecast integration seems to be working well for some, though not so much for others. There are numerous gripes about random disconnections after a few minutes, freezing the Sirius app, not being able to connect to Sonos speakers, and so on.

The update should be live on the Play Store for all, but we have the SiriusXM 5.3.0 APK over at APK Mirror for download if you need it.

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